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  • View of southern arm of Uranium City, Saskatchewan
  • Main Street, Uranium City in the fog


Grass now growing in Lorado Tailings, Fish live in once-dead Nero Lake

Lorado Mill, late 1950s

I remember clearly when the Lorado tailings resembled the surface of Mars. As a teenager, we’d walk across tailings field, marveling the rust-red dust, the absence of a single living thing. Nearby Nero Lake was completely clear, no fish, no plants, no living trees around its shore. The tailings field lived on after the mill […]

Main Street, Uranium City, in the fog

The vehicles began streaming in on Friday morning and by late afternoon almost 600 people had arrived at the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park for the 2001 Uranium City Reunion. Almost 20 years had passed since Eldorado Nuclear announced the closure of its Beaverlodge Mine, which led to Uranium City losing over 80 percent of it’s […]

Abandoned Tower at Gunnar Mines, SK
Photograph by Tim Beckett. See more

Click on box on upper right to open to full page These are among the dozens of photographs I took of Uranium City between 1996 and 2003, during which I visited the town four times. During this period, the town dropped in population from just under 200 to less than a hundred, especially after the […]