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  1. I am not sure if this is where i ask for information about hockey in Uranium City. Can you tell me if Uranium City had a Senior hockey team and what league did it play in. What i am looking for is a roster copy of the Uranium City team from when it started playing until the team folded and if possible rosters of all teams they played against.

    • Hi Randy,

      Hmmm . . . I actually don’t know. Certainly all the mines had teams in the ’50s (I think there were six or so) but not sure what the status was in the ’70s or what league they played in. For more information I’d suggest trying a couple of the facebook pages:

      I’m sure someone on these boards would have some information. Perhaps someone even played for one or the other of the teams back in the day. Another place to try is the Saskatchewan Archives:

      Best of luck. Let me know what you find and I’ll put it up on the site.


  2. would like to hear from classmates 1958 1963 my phone number is 1 780 848 2743 warburg alta box 506 toc2to address

  3. I am looking for stories and information about the George and Lorna Debecker family who lived at Uranium city in the 50-60- 70’s . George was a baker and then worked in the mine there. They had a son and a daughter .

    Is there a contact for the cemetery there? Town office Phone number?

    Thanks for your time and help with my project.

    Marg Whatmore

    • Hi Marg,

      I vaguely remember that name, but couldn’t help you. Did George work at the little bakery on Nuclear across from the hotel?

      There is a town office, and if memory serves me right, their number is 306-498-2113. Not sure about the last four digits. You could look them up online. However, I’d recommend trying the UC facebook group: Friends of Uranium City. With close to 1200 members, I’m sure someone can help you.

      What is your project out of curiousity?

      Best of luck,


  4. Hello Tim,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I tried the phone number but it was not in service. Then I looked in the FB group and sent a letter to a lady who had posted a school picture with Dana Debecker on it and I think he was their son. I think maybe that George and Lorna were divorced. It appears he may have moved to Edmonton but I have no idea where she went to.
    I am doing a family research project on the Cunningham family and that was Lorna’s family. No one has been in contact with these people for many years.

    Thanks for your time and advice. It was very helpful.

    I will wait to see if the lady replies to my message.

    Marg Whatmore

    • Hi Marg,

      Good luck with your project. Think I might have given you the wrong number for the office – try (306) 498-2112. Or just check with 411 – who knows, maybe they finally changed the number. Not sure how much they can help you, but perhaps they have some records available. Probably the best place is going to the facebook group – if you post an open question, others might get back to you – or perhaps the Saskatchewan Archives? I believe there’s one in both Saskatoon and Regina. I’ve found their site hard to use but they’re usually helpful with a direct call.



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