Photos from Chris Robinson

Parade in Uranium City, dark sky

Photos from Chris Robinson, from the first big boom in the 1950s

Classic Photos from the Saskatchewan Archives

Plane flying over Uranium City, mid 1950s

Click on any image to open lightbox Classic photos from the 1950s from the Saskatchewan Archives.Included here is downtown Uranium City (Main street), the Uranium City township circa the mid-’50s, the Gunnar and Lorado mines. Gunnar was shut down in 1964, Lorado in 1959.

Uranium City 1996-2003

Abandoned Tower at Gunnar Mines, SK

Click on box on upper right to open to full page These are among the dozens of photographs I took of Uranium City between 1996 and 2003, during which I visited the town four times. During this period, the town dropped in population from just under 200 to less than a hundred, especially after the […]