• Candu High 79-80 Yearbook


    79-80 Candu High Yearbook

    I actually received this yearbook three times – once in 1980 at the end of the school year, a second time in 1996, when Margaret Belanger, who worked at the town office, gave me a copy from the library, then again (after I somehow lost the copy Margaret gave me) in a trade with David Segerts when we were up in 2003. I’d found some old magazines (circa the late 1970s), a Life magazine and something else, in one of the empty houses, David had this yearbook.

    Looking over it now, aside from my own memories, I’m struck by how well it was put together, and the list of businesses at the back. Almost all those businesses would be wiped out a couple of years later, when the mine closed down, and the buildings that housed them abandoned. In the yearbook from 1983, the last year a yearbook was published, less than one-tenth of the students remained.

    I’ve scanned everything in the yearbook except for the class pictures. I’m not sure how much people want to have their thirteen, fourteen year old selves spread across the net. If you went to Candu High in those years and want to see the whole book, email me courtesy of the site and I’ll scan in the whole thing and send it to you. You can download the partial yearbook here.

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