Uranium City Now

This is a page devoted to images and stories devoted to Uranium City and area today. Although, this site largely focuses on Uranium City’s storied (and tragic) history, it’s worth remembering that Uranium City, and the Athabasca region generally, remains a living community – as well as being one of the most beautiful regions of the planet. Hopefully, the images and stories recorded here will encourage people to explore further, and perhaps even visit.

Uranium City airport, morning. Red sky

Uranium City Airport, sky tinted red by forest fires in Alberta. May, 2023.

@copyright Harold Gravesley

(*_*) Louis Armstrong;

I see skies of blue
And clouds of white
The bright blessed day
The dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

Harold Grasley quoting Louis Armstrong
JJ's Cabin, Milliken Lake, Uranium City
JJ’s Cabin, Milliken Lake