Uranium City Now

This is a page devoted to images and stories devoted to Uranium City and area today. Although, this site largely focuses on Uranium City’s storied (and tragic) history, it’s worth remembering that Uranium City, and the Athabasca region generally, remains a living community – as well as being one of the most beautiful regions of the planet. Hopefully, the images and stories recorded here will encourage people to explore further, and perhaps even visit. Thanks to all the talented photographers living in Uranium City who took these photos.

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Fog and sun in the morning, Uranium City, Saskatchewan. Photo by JJ Bougie

Started a new job on Monday, this was on the way to work this morning. Love the views on the morning commute!

JJ Bougie

@copyright JJ Bougie

Martin Lake, and the waterfalls on the Fredette River leading to Martin Lake. Both taken by Duane Laroque.

@copyright Duane Laroque

Out exploring the last couple of days…felt so good!

May-Britt Jensen

All photographs copyright May-Britt Jensen

smoke covering uranium city airport, 6am September 1st

(*_*) very eerie morning at YBE can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to the white stuff and clear skies 

Harold Grasley

@copyright Harold Grasley

Smoke so bad over Uranium City on Friday the Rise Air sched flight had to turn back because it wasn’t safe to land. Hopefully, the flight can make it in on Monday.

Beaverlodge Lake, no smoke. Taken by Harold Grasley

(*_*) some fall colours creeping into the landscape,but at least it’s smoke free this morning:)

Harold Grasley

@copyright Harold Grasley

Is that some Caribbean resort?! No its the glorious south shore and Athabasca sand dunes!

JJ Bougie

@copyright JJ Bougie

Evening sunset over Lake Athabasca, taken by Duane LaRoque

“A Late night with Millikin Lake…”

@copyright Duane Laroque

Moose Moss, Lake Athabasca, northern Saskatchewan. Taken by Duane LaRoque

“This pic describes my bush tea in hand…Lake Athabasca…”

@copyright Duane Laroque

“My morning drive

Martin Lake


@copyright Sandra Lee Abramson

smoke over the Uranium City airport, morning. Taken by Sandra Lee Abramson

“Morning smoke over Uranium City airport”

@copyright Sandra Lee Abramson

Uranium City airport, morning. Red sky

“Uranium City Airport, sky tinted red by forest fires in Alberta. May, 2023. “

@copyright Harold Gravesley

Beaverlodge Lake in the spring
Beaverlodge Lake springtime. Photo by Harold Grasley

(*_*) Louis Armstrong;

I see skies of blue
And clouds of white
The bright blessed day
The dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

Harold Grasley quoting Louis Armstrong
JJ's Cabin, Milliken Lake, Uranium City
JJ’s Cabin, Milliken Lake