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    2 thoughts on “Send Stuff!

    1. brought back many pleasant memories .. we enjoyed being up there until the mine shut down.. Still remember when a miner came into the machine shop in the afternoon and announced that the mine was being shut down!! I supervised the machineshop for a while , also I designed and fabricated a unique railcar to bring a roll of cage cable from faywince at the 2400 level.. Anyways one of the last projects were a dewatering station on the 3200 level when RedPath were were involved.. then finally , I had to weld lugs on a few scooptrams so they could be suspended under the cage and be transported to the working level.. I still would like to visit Uranium City .. We had a good life up there. Kjell

    2. Sorry to see Uranium City shutdown. I was up there visiting a friend Tony Cottrial and his wife from the days of C.B. radio. That was back in 1975 if I remember correctly.
      Tony gave me a tour of mining facility and also of the area around the city, while his wife treated me with very good home cooking.

      I left after one week and the remembers will never be forgotten!

      Washington state

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