Uranium City Memorabilia

UC related things people have sent me over the years.

  • Booklet Front Page

    Uranium City History Booklet

    Some of you may remember this booklet – it was put together by the Grade 10B Class (Grant Dougall was the teacher) in 1982, just a few months after the announcement. I’m putting together some text for this post, but in the meantime, you can download the entire booklet here: History of Uranium City Booklet […]

  • 79-80 Candu High Yearbook

    Candu High 79-80 Yearbook

    I actually received this yearbook three times – once in 1980 at the end of the school year, a second time in 1996, when Margaret Belanger, who worked at the town office, gave me a copy from the library, then again (after I somehow lost the copy Margaret gave me) in a trade with David […]

  • Governor General Paul Vanier visits Uranium City High School

    From Vince (Paul) Kreiser

    Reader Vince Kreiser sent me this material, drawn both from his own collection and links he found on the web. Vince lived in Uranium City in the ’60s (when he was known as Paul). His father Jack was principal of the Uranium City High School (long before it was called Candu High School – since […]

  • Telephone Books from late ’50s

    Telephone book from 1957. Especially love the ‘Directions For Using the Telephone’ on the second page (click on image to see full pdf of telephone book): Telephone book from 1960. Directions for using the telephone still in place (click on image to see full PDF of telephone book):

  • Northland News, 1957

    Two Uranium City Newspapers, 1957

    With many thanks to Elaine Power, who mailed these to me in . . . the fall!! Busy winter, and ended up having to use a professional scanner to get them properly. Quality isn’t great, but they’re readable, especially if you print them out. A snapshot of the town at its peak in the late […]