Uranium City Writing

This is a page for any and all writing about Uranium City. Most of below is my own but I hope to include other voices over the coming months and years.

  • Main Street, Uranium City, in the fog

    Going Back Home to Uranium City

    The vehicles began streaming in on Friday morning and by late afternoon almost 600 people had arrived at the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park for the 2001 Uranium City Reunion. Almost 20 years had passed since Eldorado Nuclear announced the closure of its Beaverlodge Mine, which led to Uranium City losing over 80 percent of it’s […]

  • Uranium City Hotel, circa 1997

    Up In the Old (UC) Hotel

    Weeds rise from the cracks in the underbrush along the edge of the parking lot, reaching up the concrete steps to the hotel’s main entrance. In the fog, the weeds look febrile, like they are about to crawl right up the walls. I climb the steps, pull on the steel door that once opened onto […]

  • Shooting Our Way Back Home

       We circled Uranium City three times before landing, alternating two cameras between myself, David Segerts and Ole Gjerstad, a director and producer from Montreal. Dave, whose mother, stepfather and half-brother still lived in town, hadn’t been back in seven years and his face veered between elation and perplexity as he described seeing the town […]

  • Uranium City Pennant

    Goin’ Back to UC

    by Vince Kreiser – young resident from 1958-62 All images @copyright Vince Kreiser Our family moved to Uranium City in 1958. As with many other people, our trip “up north” involved flying into the area on a DC-3 airplane. My father Jack Kreiser was the first Principal and one of the teachers at the new […]

  • 'Open' Neon Sign


    Most of my memories as a child are vivid. On this October night in 1957, the air is cool. I am five years old. My father carries me downhill of our town’s main road, “Uranium Road,” – it’s dark and immensely quiet. My head rests on his shoulder. Passing each streetlight, the incandescent luminosity reflects […]