Prince Phillip Visits Uranium City, 1959

Prince Phillip visited Uranium City in 1959. Queen Elizabeth was supposed to attend but she claimed illness. The Royals had been on a 15,000 mile tour of Canada. It was during this tour that the Queen discovered she was pregnant with the future Prince Andrew. A few months after the Royal visit, every mine in the region except for Eldorado and Gunnar would shut down and Uranium City would suffer its first major setback, the population plunging to 1000:

At Work: Historical Images of Labour in Saskatchewan

Native Indian Road Crew clearing brush, Uranium City, 1951

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At Work: Historical Images of Labour in Saskatchewan

The caption for this image reads:

Construction crew for the Uranium City road. The crew appears to be made up entirely of First Nations men, employed to clear a route through the forest. Date: 1951

The collection includes 5 photos under the search ‘uranium’ (but not, curiously, ‘uranium city’), the road crew, miners in a railroad cart in the mine and coming off their shift, a geologist somewhere near Lake Athbasca, and a school bus driver. The collection is put together by the University of Saskatchewan, and is drawn from labour all over the province.