‘Ride The Cyclone’ continues


Play based on students from a fictional Uranium City continues touring

I became aware of a play called ‘Ride The Cyclone’, based around a ‘St. Cassian High School chamber choir’ from Uranium City who perish on a roller coaster named ‘The Cyclone’. We certainly had above average educational facilities in Uranium City (especially for a remote mining town) in my day, but certainly no chamber choir. Or a school named ‘St. Cassian’. From a review in The Patch, in Fairfield, Connecticut:

This piece is the second installment in Richmond’s “Uranium Teen Scream Trilogy,” a collection of three theatrical works, one not yet written, that take place in the exaggerated Uranium City. The premise of the musical is that five members of the St. Cassian High School chamber choir of Uranium City, Saskatchewan, have all perished on a faulty roller coaster called The Cyclone. The students are now being placed into a game of life and death and must tell a story to win the reward from a mechanical fortune teller: the chance to return to life.

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