New Book: Somewhere Safe – Uranium City

book cover of "Somewhere Safe: Uranium City - the Lure and the Lore"

Author CC Phillips has a new book out, based on his time living in Uranium City from 1986 to 1994. Interestingly, his book stops just before my first trip back in 1996. From the website:

Uranium City, the lure and the lore …

Though the path has led a circuitous route, the town that would not die still tethers my heartstrings. Thousands of former residents feel the same. Forced out by circumstances beyond their control, few left because they wanted to. How many would move back if they could? How many – as I have done on countless occasions – awakened from the recurring dream that the contemptible wrongs have been righted?

Evolving from my keyboard, dictated by Destiny, this narrative holds the promise of fulfillment for all those lost prayers, hopes and dreams …

Note: I will be publishing an excerpt in the next week or two.

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