Uranium exploration company signs agreement to ensure sustainable future for Athabasca Basin

From La Ronge Now:

A company in the business of discovering uranium in northern Saskatchewan has signed an exploration agreement with a non-profit organization that protects the lands and waters of the Athabasca Basin and Treaty rights of the residents there.

Ya’thi Néné Lands and Resources (YNLR) represents the Athabasca Denesułiné First Nations of Hatchet Lake, Black Lake, Fond du Lac and the Northern Hamlet of Stony Rapids, and the communities of Uranium City, Wollaston Lake and Camsell Portage. Linda McNabb, the human resources advisor for YNLR said the agreement with CanAlaska presents the communities with the potential of long-lasting benefits and economic development and capacity building opportunities.

“Historically, Indigenous people have not been involved in any exploration work that has taken place in Nuhenéné – which is the name of the Athabasca Denesułiné territory. So, this is just about us sitting at the table and being involved in and reaping some of the benefits of the work that is happening on our land,” said McNabb.

CanAlaska holds interest in approximately 350,000 hectares in the Athabasca Basin which they referred to in a press release as the ‘Saudi Arabia of Uranium.’ The company is currently working with Cameco and Denison at two properties in the eastern Athabasca Basin.